Driving Cross Country In a Model T

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Just imagine traveling 8,000 miles in a car that's 100 years old. A couple from Schuylkill County did just that. It took them a month, hitting speeds that averaged 45 miles an hour.  Their car was a Model T Ford built in 1913.

Getting a chance to ride in a Model T is quite the experience.  The driver and owner of the vintage vehicle is Jacque White. The Whites live near Pine Grove.

What some people would find amazing is that Jacque and his wife Mae, took their car cross country all the way to California, round trip 8,000 miles.

Jacque White said it was always his dream.

"I am going to be 76 in November and my wife is 74 and we thought we'd better do the trip now."

Jacque and Mae made stops along the way and met some famous people from the entertainment and sports world, including Al Unser and Jay Leno.

"He was amazed that we attempted the trip and Jay Leno and Al Unser both commented about my wife being a trooper to do this trip." Jacque White said.

The Whites trip took them to many places including the border of Mexico. Their success brought tears to the eyes of Jacque.

"Everybody was cheering for us and praying for us and it was an unbelievable trip." Jacque White explained.

Mae White said she's been married to Jacque for 56 years and wouldn't think of letting her husband make the trip by himself.

"I have followed him all our married lives and I knew it was really important for him to do this and I could not let him go alone."

Jacque and Mae White have quite the antique car collection. If you want to see more pictures and information about their cross-country trip, click here.