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Bald Eagle Making a Comeback in PA

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The bald eagle has been a threatened species in the state for decades. But the Pennsylvania Game Commission says the bald eagle is making such a comeback, it may be taken off the threatened species list.

There's a 3-year-old bald eagle at the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center outside Stroudsburg. Her ancestors were placed on the nation's endangered species list in the 1970's.

Then in 2005, the Pennsylvania Game Commission upgraded its status in the state to "threatened".  Now, in a few more months, the bald eagle could get another upgrade to "protected".

"In the case of the bald eagle, they're just doing so well," said Kathy Uhler, the owner of Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Cherry Valley.

A spokesperson with the Pennsylvania Game Commission says back in 1983, the game commission only identified three bald eagle nests in the state. But now, that number has soared to 266 nests.

Uhler says there are about seven nests she knows about in the Poconos.

"You never get tired of seeing them. They're spectacular," said Uhler.

The resident bald eagle is getting physical therapy to learn how to fly at the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

For Uhler, to be able to help is an honor.

"You just never stop getting a chill when you see them," said Uhler.

A decision to move the bald eagle from the threatened species list in Pennsylvania to the protected species list in the state could happen as early as next year.