Guilty Plea Entered In Luzerne County Homicide

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WILKES-BARRE -- A man learned his punishment Wednesday morning after pleading guilty to murdering his great grandfather nearly four years ago in Luzerne County.

In 2009, Cody Lee was charged with criminal homicide for shooting and killing his great grandfather near Harveys Lake. He pleaded guilty to third degree murder Wednesday morning.

There were no words from Cody Lee as he left Luzerne County court where he decided his fate, pleading guilty to third degree murder for the shooting death of his great grandfather Herbert Lee in 2009.

At the time lee was just 16.

His attorney Peter Paul Olszewski says he's come a long way since then.

"He'll do well. He's going to try to better himself. He already received a high school diploma while he in prison. He wants to get out and do well for himself."

Lee was charged with criminal homicide four years ago. Investigators say he had planned out his grandfather's murder.

In January, a magistrate ruled there wasn't enough evidence to send his case to county court.  It was thrown out by the magistrate.

Lee was then immediately re-arrested and had his case heard by another magistrate.

Investigators say Lee carefully planned the shooting of his great grandfather Herbert Lee in 2009.

They found a note that said:

find grandpa's guns
kill grandpa
find money
kill dad

Lee's father was never hurt.

Lee's family members told Newswatch 16 they had a hard time deciding whether or not to come to a plea deal.

"How are you guys doing right now?"
"Look at me," said Cody's aunt Rose Lee. "I'm a mess. It's hard."

Ultimately attorneys reached a deal for third degree murder. Lee faces at least 14 years in prison.

Olszewski says it's been an emotional four years for Cody.

Cody Lee's attorney also told us the almost four years he's already served will be counted toward his sentence.

He will be sentenced in October.