Celebrating The Life Of Gov. William Scranton

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SCRANTON  -- Governor William Scranton’s memorial service was one final way he gave back to the people he cared about. Scranton planned the celebration hundreds attended in the city’s hill section.

Friends, community members, and family recalled just how big an impact this man had on our area and the country he loved.

"Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy governance come, thy will be done," prayed Rev. Fred Milligan Jr.

The prayers, the songs and the scripture at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Scranton’s hill section were all part of the final farewell for Governor William Scranton, a man many say devoted his life to serving others.

“No doubt about it, he certainly played every card given to him, and always, it seems to me, in service to others,” said Monsignor Joseph G. Quinn.

Inside the church on Madison Avenue, the governor’s son spoke about his dad’s love for life, love for country and love for his hometown of Scranton throughout his 96 full years.

"It has been overwhelming to us the response of this community to our father, our grandfather and to the life that he lived,” said William Scranton, III.

The service saying goodbye to the governor was inside the same church he was baptized in years ago. Many parts including the organ were just refurbished and finished for this ceremony.

Scranton’s son believes his dad’s interactions with folks while growing up in Lackawanna County made him the man many say was filled with humility, goodness and generosity.

"Those folks humbled him, and I'm convinced that process turned him from a modest man into a humble man,” said Scranton, III.

Now the hundreds gathered were asked to rise to a challenge by those who were very close with Scranton.

"To inspire the next generation of thoughtful, effective leaders who like Bill led by example. That would make him very happy,” said Susan Belin of Waverly.

Scranton’s son also shared many personal stories, including how his father said he was the happiest he had ever been these past several years, spending time with his wife Mary Chamberlin. The couple had just celebrated 71 years of marriage before Scranton passed away in late July.

Admirers from every walk of life came to share in the celebration, including all of Pennsylvania's former governors.