Taste Test: New Cheez-It Flavors

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If you're a fan of the baked snack crackers called Cheez-It then you might like to try the four new cheese flavors that have just come out.

For this week's taste test Newswatch 16 went to Curious Kids Learning Center in Luzerne County to see what the kids thought of the snacks.

Many people are fans of the original Cheez-Its, the baked cheddar snack crackers, and now you can try them in many different cheese flavors: Mozzarella, Asiago, Baby Swiss and the newest on the shelf, Provolone.

We took the baked snack crackers to Curious Kids Learning Center in Wilkes Barre to see if the new cheese flavors made the cut.

First up was the Mozzarella.

"It's different," said Molly Simon. "Well it's kind of like white."

While the kids were iffy about the mozzarella flavor we asked the adults what their take was.

"I didn't really like it. I know the kids say they enjoyed it a lot but …it's a little salty and it has a little bit of a back taste that's a little bit strong, like a dry strong mozzarella," said Chastity King, Director of Curious Kids Learning Center.

Next up was the newest Cheez-It flavor out there, Provolone.

"I didn't like it," said day care student Jalen Strothers. "It tastes like kind of smoke or something."

"I don't like it," said day care student Britney Katchik. "It tastes like beef jerky and I don't like it."

Third on the list to try was the Baby Swiss Cheez-It.

"It tastes like pizza, with cheese on it," said day care student Abagayle Glaush.

"It tastes really good and it tastes salty," said day care student Michael Pringle.

The last flavor the kids and teachers tasted was Asiago.

"It tastes kind of like popcorn," said Dasani Yurgaitis.

"It's actually really good. It tastes a lot like popcorn. It had a cheesy flavor to it but it was also like smooth like butter. So it was really good. It didn't taste like asiago, but it was definitely my favorite out of the four we tried," said Ashley Thurston, a teachers aid for the day care.

After trying all four Cheez-It flavors, it didn't seem like there was one in particular that stood out. The group seemed split down the middle after each trial. Some liked the different cheese flavors and some didn't.

We bought the Cheez-Its at Walmart for $2.88 a box.