CVS Now Requires ID to Buy Nail Polish Remover

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SCRANTON -- The next time you head to a CVS Pharmacy to buy nail polish remover, bring your driver's license. You may need it to make the purchase.

A few weeks ago stores across the country implemented a new policy requiring store associates to request a shoppers driver's license when buying nail polish remover.

The following statement is displayed in CVS stores:

"CVS Pharmacy is helping to protect our community from the illegal making and use of methamphetamine. Because acetone can be used in the process, valid ID must be used to purchase some acetone containing products such as nail polish remover."

Newswatch 16 spoke with several people who were suprised to hear the changes.

"I definitely never thought of nail polish remover as a problem with drugs at all," Danae Blasso of Moscow said.

Some people said that asking ID will make it a hassle for those who are just trying to go in and out of the store.

"It's so expensive to go to a nail salon and get it done. So if you just want to do it at home and now you're getting carded for it, it's just so silly," Kaitlynn Flaherty of Scranton said.

CVS Pharmacy will request a valid ID for the purchase of any acetone based product.