Parents React At Charter School Board Meeting

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TOBYHANNA---The Pocono Mountain Charter School can remain open, for now, acording to a judge's ruling Tuesday.

It means about 400 students enrolled in the school in Tobyhanna can start classes come September.

It is news that made many parents happy, but left them with questions.

Dozens of those parents attended the chartere school board meeting Tuesday night.

"What kind of assurance that most of us parents that sit here today can have that it won't happen again? Whose to say it won't happen next year? Or the year after?" asked Tyrone Hodges of Tobyhanna.

Last month, the state Charters Appeal Board voted to revoke the school`s charter, for inappropriate use of school funds.

Officials with the Pocono Mountain Charter School appealed that decision.

Until there is a ruling on the appeal, students can attend the school.

A court date has been set for December.

"When they come here it's all like a big family as far as safety is concerned and education-wise. This school is never on the news!" said Angel Pagan, a father with children in the charter school.

Some parents have decided to move their children to the Pocono Mountain Public School, but those at the meeting said that is not what they want to do.

"It's three weeks until school is open and as of today I didn't know where my children were going to school and that's unfortunate because it affects not only us, it affects our children," said Cynara Liburd of Tobyhanna.

The first day of classes is September 5th.