Rash of Burglaries in Clifford

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CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP-- Some residents in Clifford Township told Newswatch 16 that they are frustrated with recent break-ins in the community.

Within the last two weeks there have been a handful of burglaries reported to state police.

Clifford Township does not have a local police department.

Clifford Township supervisors voted to eliminate the department last year after being faced with financial problems.

Newswatch 16 spoke with some business owners and residents about the spike in crime.

"Something's got to be done, but it's whether or not something will be done is the question," said resident Dave Chrzan.

Chrzan works at Lapera's Service Center along Route 106. He said the business was broken into over the weekend.

"It hurts the business more than anything. Now we have to go spend money on replacing doors and windows, everything like that," Chrzan said.

Down the road from Lapera's Service Center is Maxson's Family Market.

The store has been broken into twice this month.

"The back door was damaged pretty significantly, the front door, the two sets of doors yeah there was a lot of damage done," said store owner, George Maxson.

Maxson said that the thieves got away with some cash in addition to damaging the doors. He said that the recent crime is frustrating, and scary.

"It just doesn’t just affect me personally as a business owner. My employees are upset and of course the whole community is talking. They’re worried about their properties too," Maxson said.

It isn't just business owners in Clifford Township that have been targeted by thieves.

A construction site along Route 106 had thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen at the end of July.

"They stole a pump that was probably $2,700. They stole my air meters which you need to test concrete with and they cost $7,500 a pop and they took three of them," said Audrey Stover.

Stover works for HRI, Inc. They are in the process of replacing the bridge over Tunkhannock Creek.

She said that the thieves not only went through equipment that was outside, but they also broke into an equipment shed.

"The door right here was half way open. I didn’t think anything of it at first and then I looked and it was empty. The lock was cut and they stole everything out of there," Stover said.

Newswatch 16 spoke with one Clifford Township supervisor over the phone. He said that they are still trying to find an affordable solution to the current situation.

Officials said state police will continue to enforce the area.