Mike Stevens: “Gone, Almost”

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Should you want to measure the speed of change today you would likely not be able to find a calculator fast enough or big enough for the job. Proof however can be found by simply buying something new in electronics. Before the ink is dry on the credit card receipt your pride and joy will have been kicked to the curb by a newer version.

Nowhere save for computers has change been so evident as telephones. Mine does everything save starting the coffee and I assume there will be an app for that soon. Not long ago there were party lines, dial phones, real operators and phone booths.

A phone booth was a box with a phone in it and one could be found on nearly every street corner, of course they have all but disappeared. I found one though, just the other day.

It’s in the Coney Island Lunch in Shamokin at the back of the restaurant and the phone still works. Fine piece of workmanship this.


Also on the list of dinosaurs is a simple scale that told your weight for a penny. They probably weren’t that accurate unless the scale suggested you weighed less than you did then it had the same accuracy as an atomic clock. The Coney Island had one of those

too and it had a nice bonus attached that you could get for four extra cents. The scale would give you your fortune along with your weight for just a nickel. Such a deal..

Anyway, if you’re in Shamokin some day and in need of lunch or just a quick burger or dog the Coney Island is a stop you’ll like. While there make a call, weigh yourself and have your fortune told…just for old times sake.