Lucky Lotto Winner in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Someone in Luzerne County could be a millionaire tonight. A Powerball ticket worth $2 million was sold at Wegmans near Wilkes-Barre. Now Wegmans shoppers are abuzz with the news.

It's just another day of grocery shopping at this Wegmans, but one of these customers could be a millionaire.

"It wasn't me, but you know it's nice that it was a local person and that they were able to get something nice like that."

According to the Pennsylvania Lottery, a Powerball ticket worth $2 million was sold at this Wegmans in Wilkes-Barre Township. 4-12-14-37-58 were the magic numbers drawn on Saturday, but the winner hasn't come forward yet.

Bob Perks redeemed $4 for himself, not quite the winning jackpot.

"We don't get enough of the big winners in this area, so knowing that somebody might have won something that size is exciting, and the only other thing is i hope they're related to me," said Bob Perks, of Shavertown.

Steve Lewis, of Pringle, is upset he didn't play last week.

"I missed it sometimes and that makes me sad," said Steve Lewis, of Pringle.

"You could have won that ticket," Newswatch 16 said.

"I could have, I know. Well what are you going to do? We'll try next time," said Lewis.

Some shoppers here say they'll have to keep buying their lottery tickets here just in case another winning ticket is sold. Others say the luck at this wegmans has probably run out.

"Luck can happen twice in the same place, so I would buy them here."

""This store will never get it again. Now you got to go somewhere else."

Either way, Eve Orloski of Wilkes-Barre says she'll keep playing and wishes all the best to the big winner, whoever it is.

"It's wonderful to win that much, but put it to good use," said Eve Orloski, of Wilkes-Barre.

The Wegmans will also get a cut of the winnings: $10,000.