Disabled Veteran Passes Away

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WILKES-BARRE — A man from Luzerne County, who was badly hurt while serving his country, has died.

David Morgan, 38, of Wilkes-Barre passed away Saturday at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Plains Township.

Morgan was injured in 2009 while serving in the navy in Kuwait, and was honored as the Grand Marshal of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Wilkes-Barre earlier this year.

Members of American Legion Post 815 in Wilkes-Barre Township said Morgan was a key part of helping with the Memorial Day parades and serving on the rifle squad.

“Dave volunteered. He didn`t sit back. He went over and unfortunately; I just hope the people of our country remember what our kids are doing over there,” said Moe Rodzinak. “We'll all go down together in our dress uniforms and pay tribute. This is going to be difficult for us. Dave was one of us."

The manager of Schiel’s Family Market in South Wilkes-Barre said he’s reorganizing the schedule, so co-workers can pay their respects to the man, who helped stock shelves before he was deployed.

“It's very hard. I mean he touched a lot of lives. He`s a great human being, great person, I’m grateful to call him a friend,” said Tom Lovecchio.

The viewing is scheduled for Tuesday, followed by a funeral on Wednesday at St. Nicholas Church on South Washington Street in Wilkes-Barre.