Two Dead in Luzerne County Fire

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP-- Grieving friends visited 4 Walden Lane trying to understand what happened.

Witnesses say, just after 11p.m. Friday night something caught on fire in the rear of the house, the flames spreading quickly.

While several members of the Navin family were able to make it out, Maryann Navin and her two and a half-year-old grandson lost their lives.

"There was a woman on the grass and she was just screaming that her mother and her nephew are still inside," said neighbor, Keelin Geisler.

Neighbors say the image that they can't get out of their minds is the grief of the baby's parents when they found out what happened.

"She was just saying my baby's gone, my baby's gone. And they just kind of collapsed," added Geisler.

Neighbors say the Navins had lived in the home for nearly 40 years, and had a full house with relatives visiting for a family reunion.

"I just wish his lovely wife and his grandchild is in heaven, Amen," said grieving neighbor, Ronald Becker.

"I don't care about the house I just care that she lived," said family friend Christie Warakomski.

Warakomski was overwhelmed with emotion after learning her best friend, the Navins daughter Ann survived

Neighbors say Tom Navin was taken to a hospital in the Lehigh Valley to be treated for his injuries. They say when he returns he will find a community ready to support him

"Less than a year ago another house just up the street burned to the ground, and the community is just wonderful so I know that they will help," added Geisler.

A fire marshal is investigating the deadly fire.