S.P.C.A: Animal Abuse Under Investigation

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SHENANDOAH -- Police and the S.P.C.A. are investigating a suspected case of animal abuse in Schuylkill County. Investigators said 12 dogs were found in a home with no food or water.

Officials said the dogs were so hungry that they may have resorted to cannibalism.

A litter of eight pitbulls is fed by the folks at the Ruth Steinert S.P.C.A. near Pine Grove. That's because their mother, is undergoing medical treatment. S.P.C.A. shelter manager Jessica Bettinger said the mother dog was hurt while defending her pups from other dogs.

The vet believes the mother was so badly injured because she was defending her pups from the other dogs from eating them because they were starving so badly. It's possible there were other pups and we didn't get the call in time.

Investigators said the animals were all living in a home in Shenandoah without food or water. Police are investigating.

Jessica Bettinger explained the other dogs are under weight. One even has some type of burns on it's back.

"It's upsetting, it`s gut wrenching, it makes me angry." Bettinger said.

Lori Sult is a board member. She said the injured pit bull's care will increase the medical costs needed to run the shelter.

"I want us to do so well but we need the donations to come in and we're getting hit so hard right now. So I beg everybody to please, please help us because we definitely need the help."

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