Getting Ready To Head Back To School

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- In a few weeks students will be going back to school. We talked to parents and students about what they're buying.

There were plenty of shoppers at the Laurel Mall near Hazleton when we stopped by. You could find back to school signs everywhere, reminding folks that the opening of school is not far off.

"A little back-to-school shopping, that's it. Because it's raining there is nothing else to do," laughed Amy Gregorio of Hunlock Creek.

Back-to-school shopping can be serious business, especially when it comes to clothing. Just ask Adam Nevengloski.

"Just trying to get some slacks and polos for school, looking for some polos," said Nevengloski. "We have a dress code. We have to wear slacks and polo shirts.

Lisa Kakakalecik shops with her children.  Every year they grow, meaning more clothes.

"I just have to put a budget aside all year long, tax money and a little money here and there and put aside so I have it when I need it."

Richard McIntyre was a school teacher for 34 years. He now buys back-to-school clothing for his grandson.

"I had kids that respected me I just love teaching, I loved kids."

Business leaders say back-to-school shopping is a very busy time of the year, second only to Christmas.