Ross Township Shooting Victims To Be Remembered with Candlelight Vigil

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- A candlelight vigil is scheduled for Thursday night to remember the victims of Monday's tragic shooting at the Ross Township municipal building in the Poconos.

The church where it is being held - Our Lady Queen of Peace in Brodheadsville - is hoping to help those affected find peace and hope.

It will bring together all denominations and anyone affected by the deadly shooting at the Ross Township municipal building Monday night.

The priest at Queen of Peace says it's a way for the community to heal together.

Music filled the church Thursday as members of the choir practiced for the candlelight vigil.

"There's a lot of hurt and anger in the community. It's not a time to be alone. It's a time for the community to come together," said Fr. Michael Quinnan.

Three people - David Fleetwood, 62, Gerard "Jerry" Kozic, 53, and James "Vinny" Laguardia, 64, all from Saylorsburg - were killed when Rockne Newell allegedly opened fire at the township supervisors meeting Monday night.

Newell was apparently upset over a long-standing property dispute with township leaders.

He is locked up on homicide charges in the Monroe County prison.

Inside Our Lady Queen of Peace, three candles were set up in front of the altar surrounded by flowers, to represent each life lost on Monday.

Those candles will be lit and then used to light the candles of everyone else who came to find comfort.

"I really do hope that that's what this evening is: a time for us to look to God's healing and God's consolation and to be there for each other," said Fr. Quinnan.

Funeral services have been scheduled for two of the three victims of Monday's shooting.  Those arrangements are listed here.

The event is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.