Protection From Abuse Hearing For Columbia County Chief

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MILLVILLE -- Another police chief has been suspended after being caught up in personal controversy, this time in Columbia County.

The Millville police chief and his ex-girlfriend were both in court Thursday for a hearing on protection from abuse orders they have filed against each other.

Suspended Millville Police Chief Ted Stout and his ex-girlfriend Tori Harrison, both left the Columbia County Courthouse in Bloomsburg after a long day of testimony, detailing their personal lives with each other.

Both Stout and Harrison, who was one of Stout`s police officers, were there for a hearing on protection from abuse orders they filed against each other.

Residents in Millville said this is a shame for the borough.

“Well it`s not good, I mean obviously it kind of puts a black eye on Millville, but it could potentially happen anywhere,” said Scott Near.

Harrison alleges that on two occasions; one on June 8 and another on July 14, Stout choked her, punched her and threw her to the ground and would subject her to emotional abuse and threats.

She said he sent her numerous text messages telling her she would lose her job with the police department and never work as an officer again.

“How would you feel if you had a daughter?” said Harrison’s father, Ricky Rhodes, when asked how it felt hearing the testimony. “It`s devastating, it`s devastating.”

Harrison claimed on the stand Stout has now been criminally charged with that abuse, however when asked, Stout and his attorney said they don't know anything about that.

“We haven`t received anything at this point,” said attorney Ken Hill.

Stout took the stand saying Harrison was extremely jealous during their relationship and would constantly accuse him of cheating on her.

He said she attempted suicide during fights and she got hurt once when he was trying to get pills out of her mouth.

Harrison`s father was so angered by Stout`s testimony he left the courtroom.

“She`s getting a raw deal, she don`t deserve it, bloody shame that the justice system is corrupt like they are,” said Rhodes.

The judge overseeing the hearing said he would have a written decision and a court order no later than Monday.