Special Needs Pets Need Homes

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LEHIGHTON -- We've done reports about pets that need adoption in the past, but a group in Carbon County is trying to find homes for several animals with special needs.

It's something you don't see every day: a dog with a specially-designed wheel chair in Lehighton. Her name is Shiva and is a special needs Chihuahua.

Jennifer Miklus is a volunteer for a rescue group.  Miklus said Shiva was attacked by a larger dog and that left her with limited use of her hind legs.

"Without the chair she'll sort of drag herself and she'll use her back legs to sort of situate herself and sometimes she stands up on her back legs and we sort of go, 'ahh' but then she sits back down again. She can't continually take steps but she can use them to maneuver herself around."

Officials of a group called Friends of Animal Shelter of Carbon said a dog like Shiva would traditionally be put down.

Donna Crum runs the non-profit organization.

"We don't have a shelter as of this date but we have a network of foster homes and volunteers which has made our shelter unlimited. They're offering their homes to these dogs which need help." Crum said.

Crum adds that her group is also trying to find a home for a German shepherd named Major, another special needs pooch.

"Major was suffering 10 seizures in a day and with the proper medication with help from a vet, he's down to one seizure in a month."

If you want more information about adopting Shiva, Major, or other animals, click here.