Shooting Still Unclear in Simpson

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FELL TOWNSHIP -- State police say it’s still unclear if a shooting that injured both a husband and wife in Lackawanna County was an accident or not.

Troopers say Bruno and Melissa Rocuba were both shot Tuesday night along Jefferson Street near Simpson. Bruno shot himself in the hand and his wife Melissa was hit in the head by that same bullet.

Troopers were back at the home Wednesday afternoon, trying to put together the pieces and figure out just how it all happened.

"At this point in time, it's too early in the investigation for us to determine that, they are still working now, collecting evidence, conducting interviews,” said State Police Trooper Connie Devens.

Investigators spent the entire night at the Rocuba’s home in Lackawanna County looking for clues.

Neighbor Barbara Swartz lives just one door down from where this shooting happened and saw all the flashing lights from her home.

"It's kind of scary because it's always Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton and now Simpson. I don't know, it gets scary," said Swartz.

Neighbors along Jefferson Street who know the Rocubas say they're still shocked over the shooting that happened inside this home, and are keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers.

James Fitzgerald says his daughter is close with the Rocuba family and that the couple has helped him out in the past.

"They're never no trouble, they help me out a few times, took me to the hospital once when I cut myself,” said Fitzgerald.

"They're good people, they're married awhile, they have two children, they have two grandchildren, they always get along,” said Swartz.

Now neighbors wait to learn more as troopers piece together the evidence.

"Just praying for them all, that's all you can do, that's all anybody can do,” said Swartz.

At last check, Bruno Rocuba was treated and released from the hospital. His wife Melissa was transported to Community Medical Center in Scranton from Geisinger Wyoming Valley. There is no information available on her condition at this time.