Remembering Ross Township Shooting Victim Jerry Kozic

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP---Jerry Kozic and his wife Linda were among those inside the Ross Township Municipal building Monday night.

Friends said 53-year-old Jerry Kozic was becoming more and more interested in local politics and decided to attend the board of supervisors meeting. He was considering running for office.

That night ended in bloodshed, with three dead and several others hurt.

Jerry Kozic was killed and Linda Kozic was shot and injured.

"When I heard about the shooting, it was the first thing I thought of: I hope Jerry's not there because I knew he was getting active in politics and I didn't even say anything to my wife, not that you an change the past, but I didn't want to say anything," said Kent Heckman.

Heckman and his wife have known Jerry Kozic since the 1980's.

He recorded music at Heckman's Red Rock Recording studio in Hamilton Township.

The Heckmans said Kozic was an unbelievably talented musician, who could play anything from classical jazz to country.

In 2004, Kozic performed at the White House.

He has performed in the Poconos for decades.

"There's musicians and then there's people like Jerry who are super talented you know, it just flowed from him," said Lois Heckman.

Lois Heckman said Jerry Kozic's sudden death is a terrible shock, but she said it is important that what happened in Ross Township not become about the shooter, but rather about the victims, like Jerry Kozic.

"Jerry's not a number. Three people shot, and killed in Ross Township, no Jerry was a very specific person. Jerry was Jerry and he was amazing," said Lois Heckman.

Linda Heckman was hospitalized after being shot. State Police said she did undergo surgery.