Suspected Ross Township Shooter Rockne Newell Arraigned

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- The man accused of gunning down three people at a municipal meeting in the Poconos was arraigned Tuesday morning.

Police said Rockne Newell opened fire at the Ross Township supervisors meeting Monday night.rockne newell mug

Newell was charged with three counts of criminal homicide for deaths of David Fleetwood, 62, of Saylorsburg, Gerard Kozic, 53, of Saylorsburg, and James LaGuardia, 64 of Saylorsburg.

He was charged with two counts of attempted criminal homicide against Linda Kozic and Frank Piraino, Jr.

At the arraignment, when the district judge asked if he owns any property, Rockne Newell said, "No they stole it from me. That's what started all this."

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