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Police Probe Suspicious Death in Poconos

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- Police are investigating what they call a possible homicide in Monroe County.

Investigators were called out around 11 a.m. Tuesday to the intersection of Gap View Drive and Bus Road in the Emerald Lakes development in Tobyhanna Township.

Part of Gap View Drive in Emerald Lakes was closed for hours as police checked out what was inside a car.

What they found a body in the back seat and a right behind it a blown out window.

Police say the man inside was shot but are still investigating whether this was a homicide or suicide.

Arlene Ciervo lives in the development and was out on her daily walk when she saw the flashing lights.

Someone who works for Emerald Lakes told her what happened.

"It's scary because I love Emerald Lakes. It's a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. I do this walk every day, and seeing this, it's just scary," said Ciervo.

State and Pocono Mountain Regional police spent hours looking in the car and taking photographs.

The body was eventually taken to the coroner's office and the car towed to be further searched for evidence.

Whether bullets were shot through the window from the outside or came from the inside is still unclear.

Neighbors are still shaken up.

"I've never had a problem, and the neighborhood is usually quiet, so I mean, I don't want to live my life afraid to go outside my doors," Ciervo added.

The person found in the car has not been identified.