No Sign Of The Sign

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- A Lackawanna County organization is looking for help after someone stole a large cow sign that they were using to promote an upcoming fundraiser.

The Jefferson Township Civic Association in Lackawanna County is getting ready for one of its largest fundraisers of the year, a cow flop being held on August 18.  To get the word out about their fundraiser, they ordered a sign hoping it would attract more people.

"We put it out here and it lasted two weeks and all of the sudden it disappeared sometime between Saturday night, 10 o'clock and Sunday morning at 6 in the morning," said David Durkovich, Jefferson Township Civic Association.

And neighbors say the sign definitely got their attention.

"There was a sign on the corner across the street And i remember seeing cow flop on it," recalled Sheila Cross of Maplewood

Route 348 in Jefferson Township is a very busy road running through town. So members of the civic association are hoping that someone saw whoever stole the sign.

The sign cost about $300. Neighbors who live in Jefferson Township say they can't believe someone would steal from and organization that helps the community.

"It's terrible. They should help the fundraisers instead of stealing from them," said Gordon Gebauer of Lake Wallenpaupack.

Members of the civic association say with the fundraiser less than two weeks away, they're hoping to get their sign back and hoping to not have a hole in their pockets from someone who may have stolen the sign as a prank.

"Anything that takes away from the total value of about $300 if we have to replace it, it's another loss and it doesn't help the fundraising efforts."

Members of the association say they have filed a police report but if the sign is returned they are willing to look the other way.