Neighbors Describe Ross Township Shooting Tragedy

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- People who saw the shooting in the Poconos Monday described what they saw as it all unfolded.

Police say Rockney Newell went on a shooting rampage Monday night at the Ross Township municipal building, during a meeting of township supervisors.

Investigators said three people were killed. They were identified as David Fleetwood, 62, of Saylorsburg, Gerard Kozic, 53, of Saylorsburg, and James LaGuardia, 64 of Saylorsburg.

The building now has several broken windows.  Police say Newell fired through the windows at the people inside, and he then entered the building, with a long gun and a hand gun to do even more damage.

Dave and Marie Labar live directly across the street.  Marie heard the gunshots and saw what followed.

"I saw a heavy man running down the ramp with, what, it looked like a shotgun to me and someone else ran down the side steps to a car."

Marie said she thought it was a robbery, and the shots were being fired at the man who did it.  It turned out to be, what police believe, was Newell taking out his anger over long-standing issues with the township.

Marie alerted her husband Dave, who did what he could to help.

"I entered the building and I helped the woman do CPR on the victim and I tried to comfort one of the other victims until police and ambulances arrived," Dave said.

Hours later, the Labars watched police go over the scene.

To say this is a massive investigation is an understatement.  Police got to the scene right after the shots were fired.  They stayed all night and into the morning, going over every inch of the building, inside and out.

Dave Labar, who has lived there for a long time and knows some of the victims, calls the deaths of three and the wounding of two "devastating."

Newell was arraigned Tuesday and charged with three counts of homicide and two counts of attempted homicide.

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