Homicide Search Warrants

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SCRANTON -- There are new details on two Lackawanna County men charged with homicide after police say they killed a man from Dunmore last month.

Both Neil Pal and Jason Dominick remain in jail in Lackawanna County, but the investigation is still ongoing.

We picked up five search warrants Tuesday from the magistrates office, all of them about this investigation, but the one that was filed Monday shows that police were looking for burnt clothing, possible evidence that one of the suspects tried to destroy.

It was just last week when investigators announced charges were filed against these two men: Jason Dominick, 23, and Neil Pal, 23, both of Scranton. Both have been charged with criminal homicide in the death of Frank Bonacci, 24, of Dunmore.

According to court documents the two men were all at a party Bonacci on July 19 and July 20 at Pal's father's house. Hours later, police say the three of them ended up near Roaring Brook, where Bonacci was killed and left inside of his Jeep Liberty.

Within a few short days, investigators have already filed five search warrants in this case. Two of them were to get DNA samples from both suspects. Two additional warrants were for police to search Pal's parents' house and garage along Linden Street in Scranton.

According to search warrants, detectives were looking for any .38 caliber or .357 caliber handguns or shell casings, police believe were used in the crime.

A fifth search warrant that was filed this week shows that police are looking for pieces of burnt clothing or ashes consistent with someone attempting to conceal evidence.

According to a search warrant, Pal told police that Dominick burned the clothes he was wearing inside his garage after killing Bonacci.

Pal and Dominick remain in jail without bail because of the homicide charges. Both were due in court this week for preliminary hearings but we've been told they have been continued until a later date.