Dangerous Building?

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GILBERTON -- It's a situation that many communities suffer. It's blight and sometimes those eyesores can become dangerous.

An empty building in Gilberton is not only an eyesore but neighbors believe it's downright dangerous.

The building is leaning toward an occupied double-block home.

Georgine Lubuski said she lives there.

"I fear for my house's safety because if that house falls over, mine is going!"

Lubinski fears for her family's safety.

"It's the side where my son and my granddaughter stay so my son and granddaughter would probably be hurt if it crashes in," Lubinski explained.

Don Kehl lives in Frackville but is a Gilberton native.  Kehl said Gilberton's blight problem bothers him.

"It makes the town look bad, real bad. I don't know where the money is going to come from to knock it down. This one over here to the guy's house but it's falling down because they can't do anything about it."

The Mayor of Gilberton promises to investigate to see if she has emergency powers to have the potentially dangerous building torn down.