Still No Steeple

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SELINSGROVE — What some people refer to as the focal point of a church in Snyder County was destroyed in a storm early last month.

Church members say they are still waiting for a new steeple.

The 25-foot steeple still lies outside St. Pius X Catholic Church in Selinsgrove where it has been for almost a month.

On July 7, a storm packed quite a punch in parts of the Susquehanna Valley.  The steeple was knocked off the roof of the church.

“I got a text and then I got a phone call from a couple of different people saying ‘did you realize the steeple came off the church?’ and I thought this looks pretty bad,” said Fr. Dan Powell.

Fr. Powell says the steeple has been on the ground outside the church ever since.

“As we all know, sometimes it takes a little time, so the insurance company, I’m assuming, is coming to take it.  I’m hoping it’s sometime soon.”

Fr. Powell says the steeple is actually a gift from the construction company and he believes it’s worth about $40,000.

Church members believe the steeple is the focal point of their house of worship. The church’s stationary even features the steeple.  Church members would like to see it replaced soon.

“Now that it’s blown over, when you view the church you just see a building.  It’s hard to tell exactly what it is.  We’re working hard to get our steeple put back up,” said Dennis Van of Selinsgrove.

Fr. Powell says the church’s contractor is looking for companies that make steeples, because the one that made this one went out of business.  He believes it will take a few months to get a replacement.

“I’m thinking we’re going to be steepleless for a while.”

Fr. Powell says when the new steeple is finally installed, he will make sure it is more secure so it does not blow off again.