Reports: Luzerne County Controller to Resign

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LUZERNE COUNTY — Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith is expected to resign Wednesday, according to published reports.

News of Griffith’s plans to resign was reported by the Times Leader and the Citizen’s Voice newspapers.

Griffith is expected to submit his resignation on Tuesday. It would take effect on Wednesday.

According to published reports, Griffith is also expected to drop his bid for reelection.

Griffith currently faces wiretapping charges filed by the state Attorney General’s Office. Prosecutors accuse Griffith of illegally recording three conversations in 2010 and 2011 without the consent of everyone involved.

The charges were filed May 17, just days before the primary election. Griffith is more than three years into his first term as Controller and was running for a second.

Griffith won the Republican nomination in the May primary. Michelle Bednar won on the Democratic ticket.