Muddy Mess Raises Money

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LLEWELLYN -- Some muddy fun was enjoyed on Sunday in Schuylkill County.

Hundreds of ATV and dirt bike riders gathered outside Pottsville for the third annual ATV run to benefit the Llewellyn Good Intent Hose Company Number One.

Riders from as far away as Missouri and Florida came to take part in the trail ride, which began at eight this morning.

The recent rain added to the fun, as drivers slipped and sloshed through mud pits.

Riders who took part in the run for the first time say they'll be back next year.

"I'll tell you what, they put on one good show.  The course is excellent, very well marked," Said Dave Porzi of Mount Carmel. "Everyone needs to come out and try it.  If you're not ATV riding, you should be. "

One dollar from each entry fee will be donated to Janet Weis Children's Hospital. The rest of the money will go towards a new facility for Good Intent Hose Company Number One in Schuylkill County.