Race Weekend In Tents

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POCONO RACEWAY -- Race fans and their RVs are packed in the infield at Pocono Raceway for the NASCAR race this Sunday.

But not all fans will be staying in RVs.

Some fans have a makeshift tent city inside the raceway and to them, that's the best way to enjoy the race.

Some fans arrived earlier in the day, while others are all settled in.

"You hear all the noises, you wake up to the sunrise, you hear the track sweeper going, you hear the qualifying, you hear the announcer, you smell the fresh air in the morning  and smell the campfires at night. It's wonderful," said Janine Port of Clarks Summit.

"It's more exciting, fresh air, you meet people, easier," said Bruce Levine of Clarks Summit.

What those race fans are talking about is spending a weekend at the track camping inside their tent, sleeping on an aero bed, using a sleeping bag and a lantern, not inside an RV."

The Semanco family says in order to have a successful race camping trip, you need to be prepared.

When Newswatch 16 stopped by, some of the family was busy setting up canopies to keep the group shaded and comfortable. As for meals, the family prepares much like fans in RVs.

"Coolers full of frozen hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, then we'll just grill them on a charcoal grill," said Jen Semanco of Auburn.

"Pretty much I just brought a variety of clothes. Varying from shorts and t-shirts to jeans and a long sleeve shirt," said Nick Semanco.

And Port she says RVs are overrated, showing off what her tent has to offer.

"I don't want to insult anyone. i just don't feel I'm old enough for one yet. I like being rugged, a quick easy set up and tear down."

The Gobowling.com 400 starts at 1 p.m. Sunday.