Police Officer Facing Federal Drug Charges

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HUGHESTOWN -- Hughestown Police Officer Robert Evans has found himself on the other side of the law.

According to the FBI, through a joint investigation, they discovered Evans was selling prescription drugs.

In the borough that he serves and protects, residents are upset.

“I was shocked, absolutely shocked, especially from being around this little community,” said Joanne Hoover.

“The whole situation is really messed up, and it`s strange to me, I wouldn`t never think of that happening around here,” said Karina Hoover.

The FBI said Evans sold Oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin for $30 to $60 per pill.

He sold the drugs while on duty in uniform with his firearm from his police cruiser.

Agents said Evans admitted to selling the prescription pills even saying he sold them to a Dupont Police Officer roughly 25 times.

Investigators said the drug deals would take place here at this car wash in Duryea and at the Hughestown Police Station.

“He was in uniform, and he was in the police car so it`s like maybe he kind of took advantage of his job,” said Karina.

Court documents show that Evans was in trouble last year.

The FBI said Evans told them he was reinstated as a police officer in August of last year.

Calls were made to several borough officials.

Only one councilwoman Maria Griglock talked to us off camera saying “Robert Evans is a good person. I am sad that this happened”.

Still, people said breaking the law is not something they want to see their police officers doing.

“That`s a little bit frightening that the people that are supposed to be protecting us, protecting our children, are making the community worse,” said Jennifer Amorino.