Scranton Building Damaged By Fire

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SCRANTON -- Investigators are looking for what sparked a fire Wednesday in south Scranton.

Flames broke out after 8 p.m. at an apartment building in the 300 block of Cedar Avenue.

Fire inspectors still have a lot of work to figure out exactly what happened to start the fire. They know it started on a back deck that's now destroyed, and they know it was set by a person, but they don't know yet if it's arson.

When firefighters first got there they had to begin by rescuing five of the six people inside. The fire chief says tenants were climbing out of windows and people needed to be rescued from the roof using a ladder on top of a fire engine. Despite the dramatic scene, firefighters say no one was hurt.

Those tenants affected by the fire are now being helped by the Red Cross.

Scranton Police fire inspectors are being called in to figure out what exactly led to this fire whether or not it's a crime.

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