Historic Prince Hotel Transformed In Tunkhannock

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TUNKHANNOCK -- An old hotel in the heart of a Wyoming County community has been transformed and is now reopened with a whole new look and atmosphere.

The new Prince Hotel in downtown Tunkhannock is now considered an upscale inn and it took a year and a half of work to refurbish the place.

"I wanted to have a complete change," said owner Samir Mehta.

And he said he wanted guests at the Prince Hotel in Tunkhannock to feel that change as soon as they walked into the lobby.

"New bar area, as you can see we changed it completely."

Mehta wanted to create an upscale hotel, bar, and restaurant and took a year and a half to transform this 170-year-old building.

What was the old Prince Hotel bar is now filled with modern touches, along with the rest of the building.

The hotel is open and Mehta says the bar and the restaurant across the hall will be soon.  Both of them are meant to serve hotel guests and the public.

"As you can see, nothing traditional like the booths and things like that. It's all contemporary feeling."

The Prince now has an elevator, a conference room for corporate meetings and other events, and of course the rooms - 22 of them.

The owner believes there's a market for a hotel like this with the growing natural gas industry, the nearby Procter and Gamble plant, and tourists coming to the Endless Mountains.

Mehta says it wasn't easy altering such an old hotel.

"I think, finally, I got the product that I wanted to present it to the town."

It wasn't just the interior that got renovated.  The exterior of the hotel has been completely redone.  Since this hotel is in the heart of the community, the owner wants the community to feel this is a key part of town.

"There's nothing like this in the area so, yes, I think they are excited and we are excited, too, to be open."

The hotel is open for reservations and overnight stays.