Former Mayor, Authority Workers Charged With Theft

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HARVEYS LAKE – Troopers in Luzerne County filed theft and receiving stolen property charges against three employees of the Greater Harveys Lake Municipal Authority.

Authorities accused former Harveys Lake Mayor Richard Boice of using funds from the authority to buy a motorcycle battery and oil.

Court documents accuse his son, Jason Boice, of using nearly $700 to purchase a furnace and a water pump.

Authority secretary Denise Sult is accused of taking a total of $31 for a car headlight and a fan.

Court documents said the alleged misappropriate use of funds happened between 2007 and 2009, and that all of the money was reimbursed years ago.

Harveys Lake Borough Council President Amy Williams told Newswatch 16 that the authority handles the sewer system and billing, and operates independently from the borough.

"As shocked as we are, Harveys Lake borough and the municipal authorities are two separate entities,” said Williams. “It doesn't effect Harveys Lake borough financing at all."

Attorney Peter Moses told Newswatch 16 that the charges against Richard Boice are politically motivated.

“The amount in this case is minuscule, in comparison to the crime that's occurring in Luzerne County right now. To devote four years of an investigation into a car battery that cost $150 is ludicrous,” said Moses.

The wife of Richard Boice said that her family is being unfairly targeted, and that the charges will not keep Richard Boice from continuing his campaign for mayor.

Boice lost re-election in 2009.

Some people who live in Harveys Lake said they support the former mayor.

"They shouldn't be charging him four years later with the crime. They should just let it go,” said Tom Powell. “He paid his debt. It should be the end of it. Quite frankly, it's a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money."

The case is scheduled to be heard by a district magistrate next month in Luzerne County.