Church Groups Repair Houses In Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Some houses in Northumberland County are being renovated this week thanks to a church.

Sunbury City Church partnered with city officials and a church in North Carolina to make minor repairs to houses in Sunbury.

The repair work is being done all this week at around eight houses in Sunbury.  Church members donated their time as part of a volunteer mission trip to fix up houses for low income and elderly residents.

Annabelle Simpson and her son admired their newly painted front porch Thursday.  The house is one of several in Sunbury that are being repaired by church groups.

"I'm very grateful because I can't do it.  I'm very grateful."

About eight houses are being repaired this week in Sunbury courtesy of Sunbury City Church.  Church members teamed up with city officials and a church group from North Carolina to help low income and elderly residents by making minor repairs to their houses.

Church members say the repairs are being done free of cost to the homeowners.  The projects are paid for through donations and by the Sunbury City Church.

"The idea of it is it's helping the city of Sunbury.   We're here, we're part of the city, and we want the city to be a nice place for people to live," said Pastor Ray Rohland.

Sally Shannon uses a motorized chair to get around.  The missionary group from North Carolina built her a wheelchair ramp.

"I am very grateful.  I could have never had that done.  I couldn't have paid to have that done; it would have cost me too much."

The recipients say they are honored that the men and women from Oak Grove Baptist Church in North Carolina spent part of their summer helping them.

"We found out about Pennsylvania and we just decided this is where we need to be this year," said Keith Lyon.

The workers are scheduled to finish the projects by Friday evening.