Judge To Hear Complaints about Noisy Business

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WEST WYOMING – The owner of a business targeted by noise complaints held a customer appreciation lunch and tour, just two days before a Luzerne County judge is set to hold an emergency injunction hearing.

People who live on Ferritti Drive told Newswatch 16 that they’ve been dealing with loud industrial noise, smoke and odors in their neighborhood, since Russell’s Hauling opened a junkyard and scrap metal business on nearby Apollo Drive last year.

Jim Dennis told Newswatch 16 that he is one of nearly 70 neighbors who signed a petition, which led to the West Wyoming Borough solicitor filing a cease and desist action against Russell’s Hauling.

"I thought it was accident when I first heard it, a car accident. Basically what they were doing was crushing metal. That`s pretty hard to handle when you're with your grandchildren by the swimming pool,” said Dennis. "It’s like putting smoke in your eyes when they’re operating. You don`t know what hours they’re doing.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Joe Russell held a customer appreciation day to show people what his business does.

Russell told Newswatch 16 that he corrected burning and noise issues last year, recent complaints are unfounded, and that the noise is coming from another business next door.

“We had a noise complaint here yesterday, I believe around 2:30 in the afternoon. I believe my guys were setting up in the shop in the chairs because it was pretty slow.”

Russell said he’s hoping to reach harmony with his neighbors.

A Luzerne County judge is scheduled to hear testimony from both sides at an emergency injunction hearing on Friday, and will then determine if the business should be temporarily shut down.