Taste Test: Kit Kat Minis

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For this week's Taste Test we decided to cool off and take a break with Kit Kat Minis at McDade Park.

You know the saying "give me a break" with the original Kit Kats that come with two crisp wafers in one package  Well now  Kit Kat has made it so you can take more breaks throughout your day with a whole bag full of Kit Kat minis.

We took two bags of Kit Kat Minis to McDade Park in Lackawanna County and found plenty of people taking breaks and cooling off from this hot summer weather.

"Compared to the regular Kit Kats I like them a lot better. You know they're bite size, they're easier to eat, I'm eating them right now," said lifeguard Jason Chuff.

"I think they're good. I particularly like the regular ones just because they're Kit Kats and that's what I remember from being small and everything," said lifeguard Stephen Bendowski.

Others liked the fact that there's a whole bunch of Kit Kat Minis in a bag.

"I thought that they were delicious. They were really chocolaty and there are a lot of them so they were really good," said lifeguard Julia McDonald

We found a bunch of kids playing in the pool eager to try the new Kit Kat Minis, too

"They kind of taste like a regular Kit Kat just smaller. I mean it's easier if you're on the go and you don't have enough time to go grab a whole one but the only problem is they're too small, they're probably not going to fill you like a regular Kit Kat and you'll eat too much and probably get fatter," said Chester Godfrey.

The only downside people seem to find is that one bag has 45 pieces of Kit Kat Minis and once you start eating them, they seem to be a bit addicting.

You're going to want to eat all of them in, like, a minute," said Sabrina Edwards.

Mostly everyone loved the new crisp Kit Kat Minis but said you just have to make sure you don't eat the whole bag in one sitting!

We bought them at Walmart for $2.78 a bag.