UPDATE: PSU Officials In Court

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HARRISBURG -- The Penn State sex abuse scandal is back in the spotlight.

Three former school leaders, accused of covering up former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky's child sex crimes, were back in court Monday for a hearing to determine if they will go to trial.

Graham Spanier, the former Penn State president, Tim Curley, the former athletic director and Gary Schultz, the former Penn State vice president are in Harrisburg for their preliminary hearing.   All of them face a number of charges including failure to report suspected child abuse after receiving reports that Jerry Sandusky was having inappropriate contact with young boys.

"I think anytime we see leaders who fail to act to protect children being held accountable, it sends a powerful message to not only Sandusky victims but to any victim out there that if any adult fails to act on your behalf, theyre going to be held accountable," said victim advocate Jennifer Storm.

Former Penn State coach Mike McQueary was first to testify. He told the judge that he met with Schultz and Curley after the 2001 shower incident involving Sandusky and a young boy. McQueary said he was under the impression that the issue was being taken care of but admitted he was never contacted by police until 2010.

McQueary said when the sex abuse scandal came to light, he was approached by head coach Joe Paterno who said the university would come down hard on him, saying Old Main screwed up .

Jennifer Storm, a victim's advocate says this entire scandal weighs heavily on the victims of Jerry Sandusky.

"I think what's challenging is the more there are court appearances, the more that it's in the headlines, the more that they have to hear about it, so it's a challenging time for them, obviously."

Next on the stand was Tom Harmon, the former director of University Police. Prosecutors questioned him about email exchanges he had with the former Penn State administrators regarding Sandusky and possible inappropriate contact with boys in 1998 and 2001.

Probably the most compelling and key testimony that was heard came from a former administrative assistant to Gary Schultz. She was questioned about a Jerry Sandusky file Schultz had locked up in his office, and how she gave Schultz those documents after he had been charged by a grand jury.