Helicopter Crash: Could It Have Been Avoided?

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NOXEN---Investigators now know the names of those killed in a heliopter crash Saturday night near Noxen.

Fifty-eight-year-old Bernard Kelly and his 27-year-old daughter Leanna Kelly of Maryland, 29-year-old Carl Woodland and his 3-year old son Noah of Virginia and 30-year-old David Jenny JR of Maryland.

All were killed when their chopper went down in the woods.

Investigators said the group left from Endicott, New York and were on their way to an airport near Lehighton and they said the chopper was recently manufactured and flown to the east coast from California.

"It will be recovered, we'll be taking it to a secure place and the plans will be to inspect the engine further," said Tim Monville of National Transportation Safety Board.

Perle Goodwin and his brother, Paul saw the chopper Saturday night from their home in Forkston Township.

They said it was storming, it was pouring, there was thunder and lightning and the chopper was hovering over the ball field they own.

I thought, 'Hey, set it down! Set it down!' because you don't want to be out in a helicopter in that but then boom! Raised it back up the helicopter and went out and around," said Perle Goodwin.

According to officials, one of the pilots of the helicopter contacted the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Airport asking for the location of Skyhaven Airport near Tunkhannock. The Wyoming County coroner said Carl Woodland and David Jenny were piloting the aircraft.

The heliopter never made it.

"It's so sad, so sad, because he could have saved the lives right here on the ball field, they land here quite a lot they really do for emergencies or accidents," said Paul Goodwin.

The Goodwins said they have had many other aircraft land on their field.

They just wish that chopper had done the same and 5 people had not so tragically lost their lives.

"I knew he was going to get in serious trouble in that rainstorm, why he didn't set it on down, who knows? Here he would have been safe, you know?" said Perle Goodwin.