Church Gets New Roof in Milton

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MILTON -- Bethany United Methodist Church is a familiar sight on South Front Street in Milton. The church has been there for more than 130 years and is now getting what church members call much-needed repairs.

"There were noticeable problems with the shingles, leading to those leaks and causing other problems like debris flying around in storms," Rod Moore said.

Church members say the roof is the original one from 131 years ago. The roof leaks when it rains, damaging the inside of the church.

"We've had things done to the ceilings in the church and repairs to the roof. It got to the point we knew we just needed a new roof," Joyce Reichard said.

The original roof was built with slate, but this new roof was built with simulated slate. Crews say this is a lot less expensive, a lot more durable and about 40 tons lighter.

Work started on the church earlier this month. Church members say the project costs around $300,000. It was paid for by a parishioner who left money to the church.

"It was something that was really needed and this inheritance came at the right time," Reichard said.

Longtime parishioners like Rod Moore are excited about the new roof. Moore calls the church historic to Milton.

"It's a breath of fresh air to the community and the church to have the renovations done that are so visible and so important," Moore said.

Construction is expected to be finished by the end of August.