Stuffing the Bus In Schuylkill County

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Although it’s the end of July some charities in Schuylkill County are looking ahead for the start of school.  They’re doing so through the Stuff The Bus program.

Bill Folk of the Schuylkill United Way and Lisa Hughes of Big Brothers and Big Sisters are pleased with the school supplies that fill a van parked at the Schuylkill Mall.

The stuff the bus program now uses vans because it’s easier to get the vehicles inside the Schuylkill, Fairlane Village and Cressona malls.

Bill Folk of Schuylkill United Way said it’s a program to provide school supplies for families in need.

“We don’t want a family go to a store at one of the malls and go I either have to supply a back pack for my children and school supplies or buy shoes or clothes and this is one of the things we can do by giving back to the community by doing this.”

The Stuff The Bus program expects to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to 11 hundred kids.  Lisa Hughes of Big Brothers and Big Sisters plans to give 75 back packs away through her organization.

“It`s a great program and I know all of the families look forward to it every year, they greatly appreciate the support from the stuff the bus campaign.” Hughes said.

Bill Folk of Schuylkill United Way said despite the economy, people give anyway.

“We’re still at a steady pace from what we collected last year but we weren’t expecting it with the economy the way it is.”

Although the Stuff The Bus program officially ends Monday there is still time to donate. You can do so by dropping off supplies to any of the management offices of the malls involved or the United Way of Schuylkill County.