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PennDOT Adjusting Confusing Signs in Stroudsburg

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If you’re driving through downtown Stroudsburg, be careful when you read the road signs.

You might not end up where you want to go.

At a street in Downtown Stroudsburg, Business Route 209 branches off into several other busy roads.

Route 209 North, Main Street, Route 191 and Interstate 80.

A group of new signs have just been put up.

“I’ve read the signs and they’re confusing,” said Bill Ohocinski of Hawley.

“You’re driving and people don’t know which lane and it’s going to cause accidents,” said Barbara Perkowski of Tannersville.

To give an idea of just how confusing these new signs are here in downtown Stroudsburg, if a driver wants to head onto Interstate 80, according to the new signs, a driver should stay in a particular lane.

But, as a driver continues driving in that lane, the lane doesn’t lead the driver to Interstate 80. Instead, it puts the driver back on Route 209, where the driver just was.

“You’re back on 209 and you’re back here, you’re not going up the hill like you’re supposed to,” said Perkowski.

If you’ve taken driver education class, you’ll know you’re not supposed to cross over the solid white line.

But some drivers say that’s what they’re forced to do because these signs are misleading.

Barbara Perkowski works downtown and says volunteers are having a hard time getting to her organization.

“People have tried to volunteer here and they said they were circling around several times and now I see why,” said Perkowski.

“It’s a solid line once you get to the end there. It’s telling you to stay to the left lane for Route 80 but you’re really supposed to be in the right lane for Route 80. Then if you get to the front, you’re trying to cross that solid line. Lots of backups, trouble, beeping horns, things like that,” said Ohocinski.

A PennDOT spokesperson says they’ve been notified and will be sending crews out Saturday to adjust the lane markings on the roadway so they match the signs above.