Parents Hope for the Best After School Bus Crash

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HAZLETON -- Parents of the children involved in the crash feared the worst, but hoped for the best.

You could almost see the tension coming from this woman as she headed to the emergency room of Hazleton General Hospital. She was part of a long line of parents who rushed to see if their child was okay.

There was a lot of relief coming from parents who picked up their kids. The kids were looked at by doctors and most were sent home.

"Injuries range from bumps and bruises, head injuries," said General Hospital CEO James Edwards. "I think we had a child that had a potential fracture, we had children but also adults, councilors."

State police say the two buses that were carrying the children were on a field trip, sponsored by the Hazleton YMCA.

"The kids.. when I got there were initially upset shaken, the hospital staff was good with them, distracted them, so the kids are doing pretty well, " said YMCA CEO Sue Farley.

When the call first came in even seasoned first responders didn't know what they would find.

"It's a great cause of concern for us in the emergency profession that many of us do have children," said Hazleton State Police Captain Edward Hoke.

At first there were conflicting stories about what happened and how many children were hurt. Keith Barkus had a 10-year-old daughter on the field trip and rushed to crash scene.

"I am a little worked up because I don't know what`s going on and they said there was two buses and I don't think my daughter was on the bus involved in the accident but she called my wife all carrying on because she was excited because of what happened, " added Barker.

The hospital CEO says his staff trains for situations like what happened today and they put that training to use. He added that when it came to the crash it could have been a lot worse.