Lycoming Mall in the Dark

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MUNCY -- Around 30 stores and restaurants are closed today at the Lycoming Mall because of an electrical transformer that blew. Some store managers say the power failure is affecting their business in a bad way, and restaurant managers are scrambling to save food that needs refrigeration.

The lights are off and gates are down at around 30 stores in the Lycoming Mall in Muncy Township. Mall officials say an electrical transformer blew, knocking out power to one-quarter of the stores and restaurants.

"Without the lights we can't let anyone in. I'm not going to open. We're supposed to have a sale going on with buy one get one shorts. Not good," Hollister Manager Jason Lauver said.

Mall officials believe the blown transformer was caused by a bad wire. Hours with power is bad news for restaurants.

"I'd say there is probably $2,000 worth of food in there that needs to be moved out," Subway General Manager Dolly Graybill said.

Dolly Graybill and her employees moved all of the food to another local subway.

"We just got an order yesterday so our freezers and walk-in coolers are full. So it's move it all out and move it all back in tomorrow hopefully," Graybill said.

Despite the power outage, some stores opened anyway by taking cash instead of credit cards.

"Yeah i'm trying to. But there is nobody in the mall, so i don't know how it's going to work out," Mohammed Cheick of Cell Hut said.

Stores and restaurants are not the only places in the dark at the Lycoming Mall. Newswatch 16 is in the same boat. The Central Pennsylvania Newsroom is one of the places without power.

Customers are also affected.

"This is the only Immix store that I know of in the area and I have to pay my phone bill," Angela Bower said.

The Lycoming Mall's public restrooms were out of service because they are run by electricity.

"I couldn't get in. They're locked. So I'm trying to find one," Vida Williams said.

Customers could use restrooms at the mall's department stores. Officials at the Lycoming Mall expect power to be back on Saturday.