Billboard Creates Controversy In The Diamond City


WILKES-BARRE — A new billboard in Wilkes-Barre is raising eyebrows in the Diamond City.

The taxpayers association says it shows Mayor Tom Leighton, pumping gas from a Department of Public Works pump into his own car.

The billboard is up along business route 309. The mayor is seen in his t-shirt at the gas pump.

The taxpayers association says it will not tolerate any public official misusing public assets.

Newswatch 16 was emailed a statement at 11:30 p.m Wednesday from Mayor Leighton’s press office.

“I was the first one to readily disclose that i used city gas in the course of my duties as mayor. It was not hidden. We have fully cooperated with multiple outside investigations into the city’s past practices. I am not surprised by this maneuver by this group and i am certainly not going to dignify this act with a rebuttal of any kind, ” said Mayor Leighton.


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