Sharing A Birthday With A King

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- “This is our little royal baby.”

Weighing in at five pounds, 15 ounces, little Alison Claire doesn’t realize she shares a major milestone with one of the future monarchs of Britain.

Born Monday to proud parents Andrea and Randy Androshick, Alison came into this world the same day as the duke and duchess welcomed their first born.

“I couldn’t help but watch because that’s all that was on TV and we had the TV on while, because we came into the hospital around 6 a.m. and I didn’t deliver until 7:30 p.m. so we had the TV on a lot and it was the news of the day,” said Andrea.

Alison was born a little under three hours after William and Kate had their son, now the third in line to the throne.

“Yeah, like my wife said, it was something to watch while it was on television while we were waiting for the birth of our daughter, so we’re just excited and happy for them as we were for ourselves,” said Randy.

And now Alison is making her television debut, the same day the world got its first glimpse of the royal baby, as William and Kate left St. Mary’s Hospital.

This is the second child for this couple from East Stroudsburg. Their first daughter has them trained in giving royal treatment on birthdays.

“We have a 3 year old and her theme this year was a princess theme so yeah, we can continue that every year,” said Andrea.

“Two daughters, so Alison and Caitlyn so they are my princesses,” said Randy.

The royal infant has yet to be named, but why not keep the decision simple?

Andrea and Randy say they just liked the way Alison Claire sounded.