Protection From Abuse Order Filed Against Chief

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MILLVILLE -- A police chief in Columbia County is off the streets and on administrative desk duty after his girlfriend filed a protection of abuse order against him.

The PFA was filed against Millville Police Chief Ted Stout.

There have been no charges so far but the PFA says that state police are pursuing charges against the chief.

Ted Stout has served as Millville Police Chief for the past 24 years but he was put on paid administrative desk duty on Monday.

According to officials in Millville, Stout was almost immediately placed on desk duty after his girlfriend filed the protection of abuse order. The PFA states the woman is "terrified" of Chief Stout and she is afraid he will kill her.

According to the order filed in Columbia County, the couple was at a bar last week and got into an argument.  Stout allegedly punched the woman in the face after they got home.  The PFA says the chief told his girlfriend if she ever said anything to anyone she wouldn't work in Columbia County ever again.

The woman also accuses the chief of abusing her in May, throwing objects at her and calling her names.

From the complaint: "The plaintiff was driving and the defendant began to choke the plaintiff and punched her in the side of the head."

While Chief Stout is on paid administrative desk duty, another police officer is currently in charge of the Millville Police Department.

A hearing on the protection of abuse order is scheduled for next Wednesday at the Columbia County Courthouse.