Memories Of School Days With A Princess

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- As the world watched William and Kate welcome their new bundle of joy, one woman in the Poconos couldn't be happier for her former boarding school classmate.

The woman from Monroe County says the Duchess of Cambridge is as sweet as she appears to be on TV.

All eyes have been on the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine as she gave birth to the newest member of Britain's royal family.

Poconos native Amy Kirkwood Albert couldn't be happier for her former schoolmate.

"I was a few years older than her. We actually lived in the same house, or the same dorm, when I was 18, she was 14 and we overlapped for a year."

Kirkwood Albert is the daughter of the owners of Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in Monroe County.

For high school, she went to a boarding school in England. One of her schoolmates was Kate Middleton.kate middleton hs pic

"You never know what these young freshman and sophomores are going to grow up to be," said Kirkwood Albert.

Kirkwood Albert was captain of sport of her dorm, which means she would organize games for the girls to play.

What she remembers the most about Kate is "she was a very sporty person. Most of my interactions with Kate, who went by Catherine when I knew her, was in the sports arena."

Kirkwood Albert says that off the field Kate is exactly how she appears on TV.

"She was actually a really lovely and nice person. What stands out for me is her athleticism and she was a quiet girl, attractive, nice person."

Kirkwood Albert says she is very happy for Kate, now a new mother.

As the world waits to find out the boy's name, Kirkwood Albert takes a guess.

"I'm going to go with James."