Carbon County Search Continues, Lake Closed To Boats

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BELTZVILLE STATE PARK -- The search continues in the water at Beltzville State Park in Carbon County as crews try to find a missing fisherman.

Day two of the effort to find the man has part of the busy state park closed. No other boats are allowed out on the lake while recovery teams work

The specialized teams from all over the state returned to the water in the morning, resuming the search for a fisherman who officials say went missing Monday, leaving only an empty, running boat out on Beltzville State Park Lake.

The lake is a large one with 20 miles of shoreline and some spots 120 feet deep.

"It's a daunting challenge, like finding a needle in a pile of needles."

Emergency officials say some rescue teams are using specialized sonar equipment that goes into the water to help scan under the surface. Other search crews brought dogs that can actually sniff the surface of the water. Divers will go in if either finds a clue.

In the meantime, no other boats are allowed on the water.

"Hopefully, we can conclude this. I know everybody wants this concluded, especially and unfortunately the family," said Fred Merluzzi, Carbon County EMA.

"We went over to go fish with our granddaughter and son-in-law and they said the place was closed then a gentleman came over to say there was a poor soul lost over there," said Ken Pesci.

Pecsi, from New Jersey, and his family are vacationing in the area. They went to fish along the shore elsewhere in the lake.

"I feel so bad for the guy's family.  There's nothing you can do for him, but it's a shame."

The search is on one end of the lake, while the boat launch there is closed. The beach and swimming area are open.  People there say they're trying not to let what's going on to ruin their day.

"We're kind of people, when we plan something as long as we can do it, we do it."

Brian Boyer said he heard the sad news of the search but had this family trip planned from Reading and decided to stick with it.

Many others were on the beach and in the water.

"I kind of figured if they suspected the body was going to found in this part of the park, they would close this section. I would assume whatever part the body was going to be found, they would close that area," said Boyer.

Emergency officials won't confirm the missing fisherman's name.

There is no word how long they plan to search.