Stabbing Victim’s Brother Speaks Out

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COLUMBIA COUNTY – A fight between two friends turned deadly this weekend in Columbia Count and now the victim’s younger brother is speaking out.

State Police say 24-year old Brandon Burns was fatally stabbed by 26-year old Brett Woodside.

Just days after losing his brother, Tyler Burns sat in the same restaurant Brandon used to work at, trying to make sense of it all.

"He was my hero, I was his hero kind of thing,” said Tyler Burns.

State Police say Tyler’s Brother, 24-year old Brandon Burns was stabbed this past weekend. Tyler describes the suspect as his brother’s high school friend and a former Marine who lived at this home Near Bloomsburg.

Tyler Burns says his brother and the suspect Brett Woodside were always fighting with one another. He says even after all of this, “We don`t hate him, but we can`t forgive him. It`s a messed up situation like that. We want to be there for him because he`s our best friend but this situation it`s unacceptable."

Burns says he doesn’t know what his brother and Woodside were arguing about while hanging out Saturday with two other female friends along Old Berwick Road near Bloomsburg, but he strongly believes Woodside’s Marine Training didn’t help in this situation.

"They`re taught to kill, that`s, I just think that did not help the situation at all,” said Tyler Burns.

The victim had been in trouble with the law in the past and was scheduled to serve some jail time for a DUI. Now he leaves behind a girlfriend, a two-year old son, and his family and friends.

His youngest brother believes Burns would forgive his friend, Woodside, yet again if he had the chance.

"He`d be mad at him, but he would forgive him, even though he shouldn`t, he would forgive him,” said Burns.

A viewing is scheduled for Brandon Burns this Thursday at Bunnell Funeral Home in Millville at 6PM. Friends and family are encouraged to not wear black to celebrate this life lost all too soon.