Future of Pool in Mount Carmel in Question

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MOUNT CARMEL -- While it has been a busy summer for many local pools, lifeguards at one swimming spot in Northumberland County wonder where all the people are. Officials in Mount Carmel say attendance at the borough's community pool is down.

Despite sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s, the community pool in Mount Carmel was quiet. Very quiet.

"I remember being here as a child and you couldn't even move. There was nowhere to swim. Now as you can see we opened about an hour ago and there's no one here," Pool Manager Seth Scicchitano said.

Mount Carmel borough officials say attendance at the community pool is the lowest it's ever been. During last week's heat wave, the pool only averaged around 30 people per day.

"For probably the first two hours we aren't even in the stand, we sit in regular lawn chairs and wait for people to come," Danielle Bernini said.

The pool has a $4 admission fee. Officials in Mount Carmel say the borough has not made any profit from it in recent years. Borough leaders don't want to close the pool, but do not want to raise taxes to keep it open.

Mary Sosky and her family used to go to the pool, but now have a pool in their backyard.

"It's just cheaper in the long run. Until you take your family and you buy food and snacks, you're spending $40 bucks a day," Sosky said.

The lifeguards believe part of the reason admission is down is because the pool here at Knoebels Amusement Resort is only about 15 minutes away and is only a $2.50 price difference.

Judy Hooper thinks more activities at the pool would draw more people.

"DJs, activities, night swims for adults," Hooper said.

Mount Carmel officials say hope to hold those types of events at the pool soon in hopes of drawing a bigger crowd. The pool is open from noon until 7 p.m. every day.